Volkron CheckBook is a ledger to keep track track of all your payments and deposits, and manage your finances efficiently. A digital checkbook replacement for the classical paper checkbook. Available for Android and ChromeBook devices on Google Play Store.

All the information needed for each transaction:
– Categories, names, notes, codes (checks numbers)
– Auto-complete for categories and names, or select from a list
– Create duplicate transactions (a new transaction with the same information)

Multiple accounts:
– Transfer between accounts

– Review all your deposits and payments by category
– Starting and ending balance information
– Select period by any custom date range

Backup and restore:
– Dropbox
– Google Drive
– Internal storage

Powerful search:
– Search transactions by name, category, notes, codes (checks), and amount

– Filter transactions by payments, deposits, verified, or any custom date range

Verified transactions:
– Edit the verified/unverified status of each transaction

– Many currencies supported
– Insert automatically the decimal separator

No ads:
– Free and premium version

Premium features: (free trial for 14 days)
– Recurring (periodic) transactions: user can also add a periodic transaction manually to the ledger before the due date
– Security PIN protection
– Export data to CSV format
– Automatic backup to Dropbox and internal storage